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Sulfa-Med Shampoo | KENIC

KENIC Sulfa-Med Shampoo is made with the finest ingredients found in nature. This specially formulated shampoo is effective for soothing and relieving minor irritations from hot spots,  eczema, dermatitis and aids in combatting odors caused from organic sources.  

For use on dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits.

INGREDIENTS: Sulfa-Med Shampoo contains deionized water, concentrated detergent and soap free surfactant blend (coconut shampoo base), vitamins A, D, E, EDTA (sequestrant), glycerin, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, hydrolyzed collagen, salicylic acid, proprietary blend of botanical extracts, DMDH hydantoin. This formulation is alcohol-free and contains no animal by-products.

17oz K4110

SKU: 754245041105