BALANCE Tea Tree Dog Shampoo

BALANCE Tea Tree Pet Shampoo FOR DOGS ONLY is made with natural Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). It is a natural antiseptic, fungicide, and bacteriostat and provides maximum keratolytic action. Contains no tar or sulfur. This tropical mist green shampoo has a refreshing wintergreen fragrance. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. For use on DOGS ONLY. LC7118

EYES: This product is formulated to be tearless; however, because body chemical make up can be different from animal to animal, precaution should be taken to keep out of eyes. Should eye irritation occur, flush eyes with clear water. If irritation persists, consult a veterinarian. BALANCE… one word says it all. Professional grooming and boutique products which are all natural. All of our shampoos are soap and detergent free. They will not strip the coat and can be used as often as necessary. If you have any questions about this product, call us.

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Dealers and Distributors, please call 800.228.7387 for pricing.

Keep this and all pet products out of the reach of children.

BALANCE is eco-friendly, our packaging is recyclable.

BALANCE is animal friendly and does not promote testing on animals.

DIRECTIONS: Wet hair coat with warm water. Apply shampoo liberally and massage gently into coat, including legs and feet. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Tea Tree Shampoo is detergent and soap free, so it may be used as often as necessary. For dogs only.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, concentrated surfactant blend coconut shampoo base) which is detergent and soap free, Tea Tree Oil, salicylic acid, vitamins A, D, E, coconut oil, EDTA (sequestrant), glycerin, methyl salicylate, proprietary blend of botanical extracts, DMDH hydantoin. This formulation is alcohol free and contains no animal by-products.

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