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A warm family welcome to Glo-Marr from the heart of central Kentucky.  For over 50 years, our family owned and operated company has been and continues to be dedicated to skillfully creating leading pet shampoo, conditioners, grooming, hygiene, and healthcare products. We are proud of our pet industry leading reputation for quality, product expertise, client understanding and private label creativity which drive our value set and product line each and every day. Thank you for visiting our website and interest in our product line. We are excited to work with you and learn how we can work together.  Glo-Marr, At the heart of every healthy & happy pet™.


KENIC Stain & Odor Remover is a ready to use formula with fast acting citrus extracts, 100% biodegradable. Will remove odors caused by organic origin. Spray on, wipe off.  Works excellent for areas soiled by pet urine and fedex and dother organic sources. Leaves the area with a fresh scent of citrius. NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON PETS.  Read product label for proper application.

K8110 17 oz

K8120 1 Gal

Price: $0.00

KENIC All Purpose Cleaners

Oxy-Sol Pet Odor and Stain Remover is formulated with powerful cleansers, oxygenated bleach compounds and patended OrdernoneTM compound that encapsulates, neutralizes and removes mal odors. It is ready to use. NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON PETS! It leaves the area with a pleasant clean fragrance. Oxy-Sol may be used in the groom shop, kennel, kitchen, bath or any place that needs a thorough cleaning and deodorizing.

Read label entirely before application.

K9015 32oz

K9020 Gal.

Price: $0.00

Party foul breath water additive - for daily use. For use on dogs. BB007 17oz

See product label for a complete listing of all natural ingredients.

Price: $11.00

Party Foul Breath Spray, Calms "Howlatosis" whenever needed.


See product labels for detailed all natural ingredient list

Price: $0.00

Better Breath Spray freshens breath, reduces tarter and plaque.  


See product label for full list of all natural ingredients.

Price: $7.80

Happy New Year!

Hey y’all!  I am so excited to be writing blog posts for your reading pleasure.  This is my very first blog post ever!  I have always wanted to say, “I love to write or I am a writer” but creating pet products with my family is what pays the bills...

Step Inside Our Factory… A Glimpse into the manufacturing process at Glo-Marr.

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Each day starts bright and early at Glo-Marr where our team reviews the current batch of specialty shampoos, conditioners and specialty items awaiting formulation, packaging and shipment.  I can speak for all our incredible team members that we no longer ever look at anything manufactured as a simple product.  In fact, the goal in most cases is to make the end product, look, act and seem elegant, sleek and simple.  However, here’s the real deal with our most routine sha

Soothing Properties of Our Most Loved Dry Itchy Skin Busters, Oatmeal & Emu Oil Shampoos & Sprays

Our professional groomers and pet retailers rave about our KENIC line of products specifically targeted at soothing dry, itchy, flaky skin.  Dogs, like us, suffer from loss of hydration through regular daily activities along with environmental factors.  The key to proper skin hydration along with proper internal hydration is a combination of protection and nourishment.

Balance All Natural Pet Boutique Shampoos



The month of love, hearts, and flowers.  I am not one of those girls who loves Valentine's Day.  I don't like it when there is this expectation put on us to be corny and obnoxious about love.  I guess this is why I love my dogs so much.  I love